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Ketone Urine Strips

Ketone Urine Strips

Ketone Urine Strips


Ketone Testing Strips, 90 Strips



With KetoCoach ketosis urine strips, it's easy to test if you're in ketosis in seconds. Our medical grade keto strips are a reliable testing method for people on the ketogenic diet.


While on the ketogenic diet, your body will switch from burning carbs to burning fat. When fat is metabolised, it generates molecules known as ketones - thus putting your body into a state of "ketosis." Ketone testing strips measure the amount of ketone bodies (acetoacetate) in your urine. 


KetoCoach's unique keto strips are an accurate, convenient, awesome way to track if you're in ketosis. 

By using these strips, you'll be able to track whether your body is in, or out of ketosis while on the keto diet. 

Special Note: If the urine reading is low, it does not necessarily reflect your state of ketosis, as you could actually be in ketosis, and efficiently using up ketones, so there really is no excess of ketones. Drinking lots of water, electrolyte status, and genetic variability to ketone usage, may all alter your urine test results.

Questions And Answers

What makes KetoCoach's strips different?  

Medical Grade and FDA registered: KetoCoach is registered with the FDA, and strictly follows FDA guidelines when it comes to being compliant. 

Better Packaging: Most keto urine strips come in thick black bottle which lets excess light in every time it's opened. It's also bulky and hard to bring with you or store. Our unique packaging not only ensures strip quality, but also allows for more discreet storage and portability. 

Less Waste: Ketone strips from almost any manufacturer are only good for 90 days after the bottle is open. We packed exactly enough ketone strips for 90 days of ketosis testing. Stop throwing away unused strips.