KetoCoach X Ketone Glucose Meter
KetoCoach X Ketone Glucose Meter - KetoCoach
KetoCoach X Ketone Glucose Meter - KetoCoach
KetoCoach X Ketone Glucose Meter - KetoCoach
KetoCoach X Ketone Glucose Meter - KetoCoach

KetoCoach X Ketone Glucose Meter

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ESTIMATED SHIP DATE JAN 2021* | Pre-order ONLY | 100% Refundable Before Shipment
Why KetoCoach?

Combined with the FastCoach app, the KetoCoach X gives users a first of it's kind diet experience. With both live and on-demand instructor-led classes, the KetoCoach X goes beyond a meter to offer you actionable insightful information into your diet.


  • Measures ketone level, glucose level.
  • Autocoding - No need to use a coding strip before each test.
  • Bluetooth Integrated - Sync and track your readings to iOS and Android. 
  • Foil Wrapped Strips: ketone and glucose Strips come sealed in foil - helping measurement stability 
  • Tiny Blood Sample (0.8μl Ketone, 0.5μl Glucose) 

App Platform

  • Track your ketone and glucose levels over time.
  • Track intermittent fasting time
  • Track energy levels 
  • FastCoach Pro ($59.95/Year) : Join live and on-demand community classes/challenges to fine-tune your diet using your meter. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned biohacker you can find a challenge and coach to fit your lifestyle and keep you motivated. 
Starter Kit Includes:
  • KetoCoach X Ketone & Glucose Monitoring System (with Bluetooth)
  • Ten (10) Foil-wrapped Ketone Test Strips
  • Ten (10) Foil-wrapped Glucose Test Strips
  • Owen Mumford Lancing Device (Finger Pricker)
  • Twenty (20) Lancets 
  • Awesome Sticker
  • Stunning Good Looks
  • Free Shipping
Why you need a meter:

Being in a state of ketosis is where most of the benefits of the ketogenic diet are found. And the most accurate way to test if you are in a state of ketosis is with blood. 

Many times our users thought they were following the ketogenic diet perfectly. But after they received the KetoCoach, they found their ketone readings were out of nutritional ketosis - despite their pee strips telling them otherwise. Many factors are at play, but here are some very common reasons you might not be in ketosis

  • Eating too much protein 
  • Unknowingly eating carbs: (e.g. your favorite barista accidentally puts sugar in your coffee) 
  • Eating too many "keto" treats.
  • Eating too many carbs
  • Not correctly tracking macros.

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