Test If You're In Ketosis.

Are you sure you're on the ketogenic diet? See if you're on the right track by using our ketone urine testing strips. And now with our unique packaging - along with easy our easy to read color chart - test if you're in ketosis in seconds. 

Easy To Read. Easy To Understand.

Whether you've never tried the ketogenic diet, or have used ketone urine strips for years - we designed our packaging to be as easy to use as possible. Our innovative color chart along with clear definitions of what colors mean give you a clearer picture of whether you are on the right track. 

Medical Grade. Accurate. Awesome.

Ketosis Ketone Test Strips
  • Easy to Read

    The design of our color chart makes it easy to tell how much your body is in ketosis. For beginners, it also has a clear chart telling you if you're in "optimal fat burning ketosis" or "not in ketosis."  

  • Compact & Portable

    The entire bag is 1.5 x 4 inches - making it easy to bring with you on the go, or keep stored. 

  • Better Packaging

    The smaller foil packaging reduces the amount of light that the strips are exposed to when opened, keeping your strips fresher longer. 

  • 90 Strips For 90 Days

    The chemical makeup of most ketone urine strips are identical. And as a result, they nearly all expire 90 days after opening. We package the perfect amount of strips for 90 days of use. Don't buy marketing gimmicks that give you hundreds of strips, unless you plan to use them in 90 days.